Fulshear, Texas:
Both Here & There in the Real Estate Landscape Around Katy

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An area at the farthest west of the Houston metropolitan area, Fulshear, Texas is a town on the brink. On the brink of antiquity and modernity, with a place in Texas' fight for independence as well as a place growing from a "one-horse town" to a comfortably modern rural community. On the brink of two cultures, with one foot in the larger Houston area (especially tied with Katy, Texas) and the other firmly rooted in ranching and farming on the outskirts. If you like the convenience of a big city nearby, but want your home to be a little less bustling, Fulshear, Texas, just might be the place for you.

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Communities like Fulshear get more attention and better real estate services when local realtors help with the buying and selling of homes. At Liz Carter & Team Realty, we don't just work in the area, we live here, too. We were raised here and we've raised families here. We have real estate experience in this area that other top real estate companies just don't have, and we're happy to return the benefit of that experience to the community.
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Fulshear Real Estate:
Neighborhood Information and Details

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Fulshear is growing slowly, but it is growing, and there's land for it to grow on. There are lots of opportunities in this area for real estate investment. If you like the area, but don't see a property listing for a house you'd like, you might also consider looking at nearby Katy or Richmond, Texas.

Population of Fulshear: 13,914 (2020 Census Estimate)
Median Household Income: $172,923 (2019)
Median Home Price: $435,900 (2021)
School Districts: The Katy Independent School District and Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
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