Buying and Selling Real Estate around Katy, TX:
Know Your Neighborhood

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As some of the top realtors in the Katy area for more than 30 years, we at Liz Carter & Team Realty know the best neighborhoods in Katy and surrounding areas better than other realtors. We know which areas near Houston, TX, have family-friendly neighborhoods or a booming business scene or access to the best schools, from K-12 schools all the way to Baylor University Medical School. And because many of us are born-and-raised Texans, we carry our entrepreneuring Texas Spirit with us to every real estate negotiation and transaction.
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The Houston Metropolitan Area:
From Cozy Suburbs to Mid-Sized Cities

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To help you become familiar with useful real estate knowledge when it comes to buying or selling a house with a realtor near Houston, we've compiled information on the neighborhoods we commonly work in so that you can discover new tidbits to include in your home listing or discover which community could be the location of your dream home. There's something for everyone here.

Areas we specialize in include (but aren't limited to!):
Click the cities above to learn both concrete facts about each of these areas (such as population size and school districts) as well as "soft features" like outdoor recreation opportunities and whether you'll be able to see your favorite professional sports teams play live.


All of this information and more is available when you enlist the help of the professional realtors at Liz Carter & Team Realty. We are eager to show you what our home towns have to offer and hope that, if you're selling a home, you know we'll bring buyers that can be assets to your community and, if you're buying a home, you know you'll find a community that has what you want and will embrace you as a new resident. 
Even if you're buying residential real estate as an investment, knowing what renters will want to know about your property is priceless. Regardless of what position you're in, the real estate experts at Liz Carter & Team Realty can help you on your way.
Call (281) 391-7653 or (281) 392-2910 to take the first steps into your real estate adventure with us.
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